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Drink Without Alcohol

We believe that everyone should be able to drink without the effects of alcohol. Our founders did extensive market research to find the best non-alcoholic beverages in the world. Our ranges, which cater to all audiences, offer a wide range of benefits, from delicious-tasting drinks, including a variety of health and dietary attributes. We continually add new ranges for you to discover

Our Values

For us, our service is one of the most important parameters for our company. It is not limited to a sale! Having owned hotels and restaurants in French wine regions rich in gastronomy. Our experience covers all aspects of your business: customized product selection, staff training, beverage menu design, as well as bar set-up and presentation, etc. We adapt to your business and share our knowledge and experience to maximize your profits and customer satisfaction.

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Our Commercial team are here to help you according to your needs and requirements. In the face of the rapidly changing market and consumer trends, which demand innovative and quality non-alcoholic beverages, we are here to introduce you to the latest quality brands in order to generate revenue and meet the tastes of your customers. We offer non-alcoholic drinks for everyone. Thanks to our network of carriers, deliveries are organized in such a way that your stocks arrive on time, with a flexible approach to meet your company’s demands. We are quite agile and flexible.

Hospitality & Retail

Would you like to stock our non alcoholic drinks ? We have a simple and efficient solution for you. +33 (0)6 64 51 93 10


Founded in 2018, Vinduo is the best French distributor of an exceptional range of non alcoholic drinks. Our focus is on quality, as consumers choose to adopt a healthier lifestyle and look for adult drinks that offer a unique drinking experience without the effects of alcohol. Authenticity and heritage are the essential pillars of our values, because we selected our ranges with the utmost care to offer the best quality.

The Approach

We consider all our customers as partners. We want to develop long-term relationships while ensuring a suitable and reliable service. We ensure that we always offer value products, which allows our approach to be unique. We are always proactive towards our customers and present our ranges to retailers, hotels, restaurants and bars, expanding our offer while adapting to ever-changing consumer demand.

Customer Service

The founders have 40 years of experience in customer relations roles, serving department stores, hospitality and logistics. Having extensive experience in very demanding environments means that we appreciate and understand your business. We constantly monitor our own performance and ensure that we remain agile and flexible in such a dynamic market.

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