Now Orange Cola Organic 6/12 x 330 ml


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Now Orange Cola 330 ml Organic

Convincing mix of intense cola with juicy orange and lemon

Strong Fruity & Juicy

Caffeine content 2.9mg/100ml


The Greek and Mexican organic farmers harvest the oranges in December and January after they have absorbed all the power of the sun. The perfect refreshing lightly sparkling Orange Cola soda made using 100% Organic produce, including organic natural mineral water. This is a delicious organic soft drink for all your friends and family to enjoy, as well as a great accompaniment for your creative Mocktails.

The ideal choice to add to your favourite Alcohol Free Spirit! Gluten Free & Vegan, perfect for everyone!

Pick N Mix your fave Organic Soft Drinks!

Nutrition facts per 100ml

Energy 155KJ/37kcal

Fat < 0.5 g

Carbohydrates 9.5 g

Of which sugars 9.0 g

Protein < 0.5 g

Salt 0.02 g


All 100% Organic

Natural mineral water with carbonic acid

Orange juice from orange juice concentrate 11%


Lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate

Caramelized sugar

Citrus extract


Spice extract


Gluten Free


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6 Bottles, 12 Bottles

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